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Nice little loop :D. Could be a tad louder, but overall it does what it does!

RiverK responds:

I'm actually noticing that in the sequencer, things always seem to sound louder, almost peaking, so I tend to lower everything to about 60-75% volume, but after rendering it just seems quieter than other music. I'm wondering if there's a setting that can just lower the preview audio volume...

Excellent delivery sir :D

Hahaha XD

Heh heh now that was different. Can't say I understand the later part too much, but I did smile lol.

RiverK responds:

The tune or the beat? The tune is essentially the same for about 3 bars just raising a few notes each time, and then layering over each other twice, the last bar of tune being all 3 over each others.

Then for the beat I played with a sort of "false delay" on the snare, with different volumes per hit, and then actually ended up putting a stereo delay over all the drums. Then I muted everything right after the last snare hit.

I'm liking this thus far. IDK, I agree with the first guy a little bit in one case but not all. I think the high synth can stay be held off until like 0:35. It doesn't necessarily have to come back in later, but it does seem to hold itself as part of the theme so I guess it might be a good idea to finish off with it. In regards to the bass, feels fine to me, though I do feel like the kick kind of gets buried a little. Perhaps ducking the track on the main section might help?

Overall nice track and you've shown me a couple things I could do on my tracks as well. Thanks :D

DJ-Hectic responds:

Thanks for the response! I'll try and work in what you're suggesting, really appreciate it.


I like this,
I really like the creepy melody on the top end. Wasn't too crazy about the drums, but I think the melody sets the tone and surprisingly makes this song. If you expounded, you could probably use that as a motif to make reoccurring theme based movie scores :D

One idea that could work as well is adding a swelling drone at the end.

Great work!


Shit solid for real son!


Nuf said :D

Really like this track and what you did with it. I'm learning just from listening to it. Well done :)

Slug-Salt responds:

thank you for the most excellent review, it made my day.

Pretty much sums up how I feel

This song pretty much sums up how I feel about all the people who rate me with a 0 or 1 for no fuckin reason. Fuck them, fuckin turn up this song, cause I DONT GIVE A FUCK!

Someone is a f*ckin ass hole on this site

Seriously bro, this is great! How the fuck does this get a 2 on the scale? You did a great job with this. Equally it's not my style, but you deserve more recognition than a damn 2. Fuckin Newgrounds.

ChippidyDooDaa responds:

Thanks man! Best reveiw Ive ever had! Even though people have an opinion... FUCK!!

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